Wednesday, February 6, 2008

IT Support in Education Sector

Quality education is a universal goal. IT within the educational sector is rapidly growing. It is common to hear that Information Technology will be the key to educational quality as we enter the new millennium. In fact, people for educational technology argue that quality has increased and will continue to increase rapidly. This will lead to creation of a "new educational culture". Information technology has found its own place in the field of education. It was earlier thought that information technology would make people more dependent on computers but it has resulted in a number of advantages.

Fiverivers has now designed and built new networks. These are secure and agile enough to meet the needs of educational authorities throughout the West Midlands and beyond. We deliver internal efficiencies and offer quality solutions for staff and students. Our intelligent ICT support solutions are flexible and meet the critical requirements of an intense user environment. Our support services include:
  • Regular onsite maintenance by a support engineer
  • Installation and hardware supply
  • Asset management
  • Licensing and software management
  • Remote working Technical support in accordance to SLA
  • Services review and continuous improvement

We implement our services in various schools, colleges and universities. If your need IT assistance in your educational institution, contact Fiverivers. For more details, visit-

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