Sunday, July 5, 2009

Graphics Design & Multimedia Solutions

The graphic designers, multimedia authors and programmers at Fiverivers provide complete rich multimedia design solution includes Web Design, Web Hosting, Website Maintenance, Graphic designs & illustration, Print Services, CD and DVD authoring, Video Production & Editing, DVD Authoring etc to assist you and your business.

We will take care of your Website and online Promotion with our best multimedia design services. We are committed to providing high quality graphic designs and multimedia solutions at reasonable pricing.

Our experienced team specializes in:

Logo & Corporate Identity Design Service:

A Logo is use to identify a company or a website because Logo design is a key component of brand development and unique ID that differs the company from its competitors and promotes company consciousness and clients devotion. We create your effective logo according to your ideas and the ready logo will have provided in any file format of your choice. We're supple enough to understand the diverse needs of clients working in different areas of business, from the most respectable blue chip to the funkiest new start-up on the block.

Graphic Design & Illustration:

Fiverivers has a reputation for producing original and dynamic graphic design solutions, both on and offline. Our capabilities within the discipline of design are highlighted in the strength of our portfolio and our culture of continuous improvement. Our Graphic Design and Illustration Program is based on computer knowledge and illustration field. Our expert illustrators, pre-press & commercial printers are work to our challenging standards to help produce the highest quality end results.

Print Services:

Fiverivers provide to you a dynamic group of printing experts who can facilitate you all during your project. We offer you unique and compelling design solutions that are easy on the pocket; specifically designed to suit your desires that clearly communicate the planned messages to the target audience. We offer the full range of visual media solutions, from initial concept to print management and distribution. We will take care of all your printing requirements with our high-quality Print Services at a cost-effective price.

Interactive & Animation Service:

Interactive logo animation services will get your business noticed within a single glance. Our quality animation services team can transport your ideas to life and covert your thoughts into characters with a personality. New Media, ranging from web to interactive CDs requires a vast range of expertise. Our Interactive and Animation service includes Interface design, Multimedia presentations, Application development, Video and promotional production, CD & DVD Authoring Flash & Shockwave animation for the Web, Broadcast graphics & post production, 2D & 3D designs etc.

Search Engine Marketing:

Fiverivers believes that everybody's business is our business. We help our clients to eloquent their key market differentiators, brand attributes and value propositions. After that we translate our findings into actionable strategies that serve as the basis for our creative development. Our Search Engine Marketing Services includes Search Engine Optimization, Pay per click advertising, Affiliate programs, Banner campaigns, Email marketing, Statistics analysis & reporting etc.

Fiverivers offers a full Graphics Design services & Multimedia Solutions for your business. Learn more about these fantastic and affordable services visit on

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