Saturday, June 20, 2009

Affordable IT Support Services Packages

IT support services prevent and resolve your IT related issues before any break in the business. These services are designed and available for every business, small or large, and proactively maintain and check your system or network to ensure continue smooth running of your business. IT support services provider work with your business as your long term IT partner. Their aim is to run your IT as painless and cost effective as possible.

Whether you want complete network support or second-line IT Support for existing staff, you must consider experienced and affordable IT support services package. Each IT support package offer a range of protection for every type of business requirement. The economical and efficient IT support packages are required to ensure complete cover to your IT infrastructure.

Network Management package

Network management package allow IT service provider to perform more in depth network security reviews that include firewall, VPN configuration settings and server protection. Network traffic analysis, complete network monitoring, hardware and software to check your network, all are reported under network management package. It covers monitoring anti-virus software and identifying any potential weak links before an infection takes place so that your network servers run at maximum efficiency.

Email Management package

Email management package is the complete solution for controlling and monitoring your emails. Email management package allows you to opt-in or opt-out from various mailing lists. It includes processing, storing and managing all emails in accordance with business processes and regulations. Every email passes through encryption, virus protection, anti-spamming and content filtering platforms. To block any email threat, secure email implementation is essential.

Disaster Recovery Service package

Disaster recovery service package cover all eventualities, whether damage through fire, flood, theft, hardware or system failure, or software corruption. All your business is stored off-site at a secure place. Disaster recovery service package include automated online backup at secure data centre and off-site replication of your system. The small and medium-sized businesses who are not sufficiently prepared to handle data loss, must consider disaster recovery service package.

Computer Network installation package

Computer network installation package is beneficial for IT professionals business to implement network solutions on multiple computers on a network. It includes complete installation of hard wiring to wireless routers, hubs and security devices to meet operational requirements. Computer network installation package covers network infrastructure, hardware installation & configuration, PC installation and applications software installation.

Benefits of availing IT support packages

  • Through IT support package, your data is adequately protected and can be recovered if any data loss occurs.
  • When any technical problem occurs, network technicians and helpdesk staff quickly fix problems.
  • Getting IT support packages costs you less than hiring IT staff. It includes complete IT security and IT management advice that helps to grow your business.
  • IT support packages also includes 24 hours phone, remotely or on-site support service.
  • Advice for any network upgrade and installation of any component covers in IT service.
  • It reduces the time to resolve IT issues by experienced network engineers and consultants.

Five Rivers Support provides you the facility to choose various level of IT support packages to match your budget. You just need to select the plan that best suits your business needs. Our highly qualified and experienced staff delivers highest levels of customer service. We provide end to end network design and installation, email management and complete data recovery service. Our all IT support packages are available with onsite hardware and software support, consultancy service, security audit, site survey and unlimited 9/6 helpdesk support.

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