Saturday, June 20, 2009

IT Decommissioning, Server Upgrades and Migration services

Many companies offer IT support services to ensure an unbeaten, low risk, immediate upgrade and migration to the latest required Server and allow taking full benefit of all of the service capabilities. They provide all of the resources necessary for a smooth migration. It gives you greater flexibility to set things up your way. Whenever any business requires moving applications and data to another system for any reason, it should be done with imperative care.

Dedicated server Upgrades

Dedicated server upgrades have a solution for minimizing the impact of brute force attacks. The Server upgrades solutions provide the latest technological advances in dedicated server upgrades. Dedicated server upgrades include significantly updated processors and motherboards. Server upgrades and server migration services reduce management complexity & cost, maximize effectiveness and achieve higher service levels.

Exchange server upgrades

When companies decide Exchange server upgrades, they often redesign their storage infrastructure at the same time. You must examine the specific requirements for implementing each strategy to upgrade exchange server. It gives outstanding performance as you scale. In small organizations with only one server, the whole upgrade can be completed within few days.

Computer hardware upgrades

In order to improve productivity, you need to upgrade your computer hardware to run new software applications. It is necessary to research and determine the appropriate configurations based on the business requirement and environment for accurate and efficient computer server upgrades. Ineffective computer hardware upgrades may cause unexpected results.

Why businesses choose Server upgrades and migration services?

In competitive climate, companies need efficient, open and flexible IT infrastructure to achieve business goals. To grow any business, latest IT technologies are needed to acquire and install new systems. Also, server upgrades enhance performance and availability. This enables the business to take advantage of the features of latest technology.

You need to upgrade your IT platform to be competitive. Decommissioning server’s service is required due to aging hardware and need of modern technologies and services. All the data in the source server (old server) is replaced with the target server (new server). IT decommissioning services include the set of definite measures to properly destroy data on decommissioned servers.

Benefits of Server Upgrades and Migration Service

  • Server upgrades improve asset utilization, and increase uptime.
  • Resolve server down, corruption and data integrity problems.
  • Applications need to be upgraded in order to leverage new functionality.
  • Manages important data scattered across the organization.
  • It helps in improving system availability.
  • Some provide the facility to install latest Microsoft updates and service packs remotely.
  • Server upgrades provides higher total performance of the system.

Fiverivers provide stable and highly available IT support services that includes help desk support, Network installation services, Onsite support management, Email list management services, Disaster recovery solutions, Server upgrades and server migration services. They provide the ability to move or upgrade your solution from a current server to a new dedicated server. They are specializing in monitoring Small business servers, Terminal servers’ and file and print servers and offer the best way to tackle your upgrade and migration needs. We have a dedicated server engineers that evaluate and executes the dedicated server upgrades.

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