Thursday, November 29, 2007

Data Security: - Backup Schemes by Fiverivers

There are many ways you can unintentionally lose information on a computer. A child playing the keyboard like a piano, a power surge, lightning, floods and sometimes equipment just fails. If you regularly make backup copies of your files and keep them in a separate place, you can get some, if not all, of your information back if something happens to your computer.

The ways of storing have changed over time from punch strips, removable disk to data tapes. These days a whole host of peer to peer file recovery and data backup solutions are available. Data protection softwares are available that you can purchase or download off the internet.

Five Rivers provide various services to make you data secure by using different Data Backup Schemes like:-

  • Tape Backup
  • Online Backup. With online backup we provide:
  • Secure data storage (off site)
  • Automated scheduled data backup
  • No extra hardware to purchase
  • 24/7 access to your data (through your existing Internet connection)

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