Friday, November 16, 2007

Server & Network Management by Five Rivers IT Solutions

The growing complexity of today's IP networks demand refined monitoring and management tools to keep track of the state of the network and address problems. Server management technologies keep server hardware and software optimized and performing well. Server management typically requires technology that monitors fault and performance as well as operating system and hardware maintenance. Technologies today also monitor the services and processes running on servers to give visibility into application resource consumption. These technologies are used to monitor terminal servers and print servers.

Five rivers IT Solutions offer a 24/7 server and network monitoring service by using monitoring tools and software to measure key metrics on your business critical servers. The software constantly checks your network for threats and triggers off alarms if there is a problem which is then reported directly to our engineers.


• 24x7 Continuous Monitoring
• Peace-of-mind knowing we are constantly monitoring your systems
• The latest Microsoft updates and service packs installed remotely
• Sufficient free disk space is available
• Reduces downtime
• Automatic Fixes for common problems
• Improves system availability
• Key applications remain consistently and speedily available
• Far more effective than telephone support and advice
• Reduces downtime helping your users make the maximum use of your IT assets
• Enables you to focus on your Core Business

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