Monday, January 28, 2008

Dialup Remote Access Service (RAS)

Remote access is increasingly becoming the way in which businesses are required to work. Dial-up Remote Access is an Internet service intended to facilitate off-campus access to Internet resources for academic or work-related purposes. Remote Access Services lets you connect your computer from a remote location, such as your home, to the company.

Remote Access Service can also work for campus residents who do not have a direct connection to the campus network. It depends on many factors such as cost, connection and transfer speeds, reliability, availability, etc.

It requires a modem attached to your server and remote PC, connected using a normal telephone line or an ISDN line. Once connection is completed, it enables you to connect to email server, documents and files as if the user were in the office.
There are several factors which should be taken into account when look for a Remote Access Service, so as to get best performance.

• Performance
• Security
• Cost
• Quantity of Workforce using remote access
• Predicted frequency of use

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