Friday, January 25, 2008

Risk Assessment

The risk assessment is the process of identifying and reducing the coverage to certain threats which the Hardware and software solutions may experience. Risk assessment is a very important part of the computer security process. The three key steps in doing a risk assessment are:
  • Identifying assets
  • Identifying threats
  • Calculating risks
Fiverivers carry out a risk analysis and business impact analysis that includes a range of possible disasters, including
  • Natural Threats.
  • Technical Threats.
  • Human Threats.
The Services provided to prevent from few of the above mentioned disasters includes:

On-line back up service: - This service provides an effusive programmed and highly secure off-site backup solution for all the significant data.

Real Time Data back-up: - Reproducing data so if there is a catastrophe, we can provide a system that enables full recovery of the latest data in the shortest feasible time.

Email Recovery: - Provides clients with a live recovery mail server located at the various business continuity centers.

For more information please visit We also offer a free audit of executing a disaster recover plan as per your business requirements. We welcome your comments and suggestions about the products to assist you better.

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