Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Real Time Data back-up

A backup system enables unmodified data to be copied to a read-only backup container that is smaller than the read-write container. Real Time Data back-up helps to avoid any kind of theft, viruses and system crashes of data.

Fortunately, there are as many ways to recover lost data as there are ways to lose it. Fiverivers offers onsite and offsite data backup solutions. We use our software to replicate data as it is created so if there is a disaster we can deliver a system that enables full recovery of the latest data in the shortest possible time.

Key features:

• Eliminate data loss
• 100% consistent data
• Reduce downtime
• Eliminate backup window
• Outsourced backup responsibilities
• Supports multi-servers and storage systems

Business Benefits

• Servers and databases are automatically backed up every night to off-site data storage facilities
• Data is encrypted so that it remains confidential
• Restores available at the press of a button
• Improved Data Security

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"realtime" is a double edged sword as any inadvertent submission reduces the retention block. We have therefore come to a situation in which traditional agent based online backup is not competing with agentless backup (such as asigra) but offering a different type of service the benefits of which are attributable to different environments. If you want to read detailed reports on the vatiances as they pertain to you, visit