Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Online Marketing

PPC is the abbreviation for the term 'pay per click.' It has emerged as one of the fastest growing segments in the advertising field and includes traditional and online media. PPC advertising is used for search engines where the advertisers pay for every click that directs users to their web page using search engine results and links.

Following steps are helpful in successful PPC management:

  • Select your target & Keywords: First select the target, for which you want to use a PPC ad. Based on the target your PPC ad will vary. You have to select the keywords according to the target. Group those keywords according to different themes so that relevant ads would be triggered for different keywords.
  • Create a stunning ad: Create a stunning ad for PPC advertising. You should place the keywords in the title of the ad and also in the body. One way of doing this is to use Keyword insertion. This will help you to reach the targeted audience.
  • Select relevant Landing pages: Landing pages are an important aspect if you want to be successful in PPC. This will make the user to land on relevant page & can help you in increasing your conversion rate.

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