Tuesday, January 8, 2008

On-line Back Up Service

Computer can store a huge amount of data. But computers come with unique dangers to match their unique abilities. Although data loss ranks pretty high on the list of scary potentialities, all too few users back up their data regularly. Online backup services can help.

Online backup is all about availability, security and performance. Fiverivers offers a fully automated and highly secure off-site backup solution for all your critical data. We Provide
  • Reliable back-up systems
  • Be up and running within minutes regardless of the impact
  • Total piece of mind for your business and clients
  • Expert consultancy with putting contingency plans in place
  • Provide a flexible solution that can be adapted to individual client’s needs
When using Fiverivers Online Backup service, your company’s business data is managed by experts. Our high level systems are equipped to automatically detect problems at any stage of backup, storage or recovery, we employs highly advanced data integrity checking procedures that in the event that data corruption is detected, the system will automatically initiate corrective action and proactively notify the client administrator.

Online Backup "point-in-time" data restore enables you to easily select the data to be recovered from the available file versions. For more details, log on to http://www.fiveriverssupport.com/

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