Thursday, January 24, 2008

Email Security Management

Email is a primary injection point for network threats. Spam can overwhelm message servers. Internet-borne malware can infect network devices and systems with viruses, Trojans, and other exploits. Are you able to stop the unwanted material your employees receive in e-mail?

Web Security Services protects you from Internet threats with 24/7 scanning that helps stop viruses and spyware before they can compromise the network. Simple to deploy and easy to manage, it protects with robust antivirus, antispyware and URL-filtering technologies.

Web security can provide you a variety of solutions, such as
  • Firewall security to block unwanted traffic
  • VPN to connect remote users or sites securely
  • Anti-virus to protect your network from viruses and worms
  • Web filtering to block or monitor inappropriate web activity by employees

E-mail security can provide you a variety of solutions to enhance your existing security posture that will help to prevent viruses, spam and control unwanted content in e-mail.

Fiver Rivers Email Protection Gateway offers a groundbreaking email security solution that delivers unprecedented spam blocking accuracy with zero tuning. All-in-one protection for your network and organization from spam, unwanted traffic and harmful viruses.

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