Friday, October 5, 2007

Affordable Web Hosting Services UK

Making a good performance website needs reliable and speedy web hosting that meets your business requirements like domain name, data transfer, disk space and proper technical support under all circumstances. Choosing a most reliable and affordable hosting service for your online business is not an easy task you have to be very careful about your requirements and objectives. Some of main terms we need to keep in mind before selecting any web hosting company are:

  • Reliable and Fast Data Access
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Data Transfer and Disk Space
  • Domains and Sub-domains
  • Email Account Services
  • Technical Support (24/7)

Fiverivers IT Solutions provides most economical and affordable web hosting services in UK. We are providing vast range of hosting plans suitable for running a single, high traffic or database intensive website, or a number of smaller sites. Severs at Fiverivers are made to cater your needs for other services like multimedia streaming, IRC or game. Our Windows servers are currently running Microsoft Windows 2003 and IIS web server offering support to Microsoft standards such as ASP, ASP.NET, MSXML and SQL Server, they are perfect for any business application.

Checkout our affordable web hosting plans!

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