Friday, October 19, 2007

Data Recovery Solutions UK

Data recovery is the process of regaining access to the data, hardware and software necessary to start again critical business operations after a natural or human-induced disaster. A data recovery includes plans for coping with the unexpected or sudden loss of hardware personnel.
These days Data recovery is becoming an increasingly important aspect of computing originations. As devices, systems, and networks are become more complex, there are simply lot of things which can go wrong. As a consequence, recovery plans have also become more complex.
Data Recovery plans vary from one originations to another, depending on variables such as the type of business, the processes involved, and the level of security needed. Data recovery planning may be developed within an organization or purchased as a software application or a service.
Fiverivers IT Solutions in UK offer Disaster Recoveries on individual servers and entire networks, ensuring our customers have complete business continuity.

Service provided by Fiverivers IT Solutions:

  • Data storage centers – providing a totally managed failover solution if it was ever to occur
  • Daily back-ups - all data is backed up daily and uses fail-over technology. In the event of a disaster your data will be restored effortlessly
  • Email Recovery - our service provides clients with a live recovery mail server located at the business continuity centre
  • Data centre Recovery
  • Network Recovery
Fiveriver’s Data Recovery System:

How your business Benefits
  • Servers and databases are automatically backed up every night to off-site data storage facilities
  • Data is encrypted so that it remains confidential
  • Restores available at the press of a button
  • Improved Data Security

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