Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Solutions For Innovative Synergy Of Visual Excellence

Your Graphic/Multimedia designs speak volumes to potential clients, and a poorly designed campaign can project an image that falls short of your company's actual capabilities.

The importance of professionally designed collateral materials,the ability to hand out eye-catching brochures and sell sheets at trade shows or meetings gives your clients or potential customers something concrete to associate with your products and services. Moreover, it leaves them with a lasting impression of your company's image and corporate identity.

Fiverivers IT Solutions address each project with a multi disciplined team. Depending on the brief, we will draw upon the expertise of graphic designers, web/multimedia authors, programmers and marketing strategists to ensure that the creative, technical and strategic requirements of your project are satisfied.

Our belief in this approach means that our solutions are an innovative synergy of visual, technical and strategic excellence.

Our Solutions include:

Corporate Identity & Logo Design
  • Brand development & evolution

Graphic Design & Illustration
  • On & Offline solutions
  • Art direction
  • Design & Layout
  • Custom photography & retouching

Print Services
  • All promotional and advertising material
  • Editorial & proofing
  • Print Management

Interactive and animation
  • Interface design
  • Sound & Audio Visual
  • CD & DVD Authoring
  • Website design
  • On & Offline solutions
  • Advertising
  • Presentations

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