Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Computer Hardware Maintenance

Computer Hardware is considered to be the components assembled together to make up you computer unit. Computers hardware can break down at the worst of all times because of this break down all of your work also suffer. These problems can be overcome, or at least minimized with defensive maintenance. Several methods of keeping computer hardware in good working order deal with the external components of the computer, such as the keyboard and monitor.

When something goes wrong, you need help fast. Fiverivers provide both software and hardware onsite maintenance. Our qualified engineers have an in depth knowledge of resolving both software and hardware related incidents. We offer support 24 x 7 and, where applicable, can also make available permanent on-site maintenance engineers. We offer support on servers, desktop and laptop PCs and communications hardware from all leading manufacturers.

Service we offer

• Dependant on the level of
SLA (Service level agreement) you opt for we can guarantee and engineer can be onsite in as short as 2 hours.
• Our engineers can attend your site anywhere
• Excellent relationship with both software and hardware providers
• Catalogue of common hardware faults and fixes.
• Our engineers are well briefed before they set off to your site and gain a clear understanding of the incident.

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