Thursday, October 18, 2007

Remote Access: Grasp Information Quickly And Conveniently Without Compromising Security

Remote access is the ability to get access to a computer or a network from a remote distance. Remote access is also possible using a dedicated line between a computer or a remote local area network and the central or main corporate local area. Remote access is increasingly becoming the way in which businesses are required to work. It enables workers to access information ‘at work’ quickly and conveniently without compromising security. A remote access server is the computer and associated software that is set up to handle users seeking access to network remotely. A remote access server may include or work with a modem pool manager so that a small group of modems can be shared among a large number of intermittently present remote access users.

Fiverivers IT Support offer a variety of solutions available enabling you to work securely in a global environment

  • Dialup Remote Access Service (RAS): This is an inexpensive set up as it requires only a modem attached to your server and remote PC. It can be connected using a normal telephone line or an ISDN line
  • Remote Control: This is an advance upon the basic RAS connection and can be installed with the correct remote control software both in the office and remote PC.
  • Virtual Private Network: The virtual private network (VPN) uses a more secure strategy for the user so that access is quicker and safer when connecting to the head office. It permits secure, encrypted connections between the remote user (through a public infrastructure) and the company’s private network.

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