Friday, October 26, 2007

Upgrades & Migrations: Can Be Demanding For Every Company

The upgrade and migration can be demanding for every company. With the secure stream of new software releases, additions being offered, business organizations, mergers and acquisitions that build migration from one activity application to another a necessity, it is a challenge business need to address time and again.

Fiverivers provides new applications and evaluates additional business process improvements expected from the upgrade or migration. In Upgrade - a new version of a software and hardware product designed to replace an older version of the same product. Migration can be small-scale or large-scale. We provide Server and IT service upgrades, migrations and decommissioning services. We carry out network migrations, integrations and upgrades for both hardware and software.

Services Five Rivers provide:

  • Arrange a pre-site visit to gather information regarding your hardware capabilities and current applications in use;
  • Testing in our labs to ensure all your hardware/applications are compatible with the target migration;
  • Remote migration to your IT systems.

In remote server migration procedure is a four-step process. Remote server migration is useful if you were using multiple SUS (Server Update Service) servers to approve content for different types of client computers. Remote server migration requires that you share the Content folder on each SUS (Server Update Service) server you want to migrate to the WSUS (Windows Server Update Service) server.

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